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Why Purchase Your Parts From Us?

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Sometimes, you want to work on your vehicle in your own driveway. Whether it be as a pet project, a way to save money, or you just cannot be without your vehicle, there are plenty of reasons to do the work yourself instead of taking it to a service station.

If you need brake pads or new lightbulbs for your taillights, we have what you need. The parts department at Page Honda can make sure you are getting the right parts for the job you are doing. We have many parts on hand in our store for you to come to look through.

We do not compromise on the quality of the parts we sell to you. Everything we have, or order for you, is high quality. Because we are a Honda-specific dealership, our drivers in Pontiac know they can get whatever parts they need, and it will be the correct OEM part that matches their vehicle.

Factory OEM and Aftermarket Parts Available

Competitive Prices

Extensive Parts Inventory

Full Line of Accessories

Convenient Business Hours

Assistance From Trained Professionals

Save Money Buying Parts

You might be doing the work yourself because you want to save money instead of paying a technician. Working on your vehicle and buying these parts does not have to break your bank. Our parts department regularly offers specials and coupons on different parts for you to use to get the best price. These specials and the parts change so that we can help all of our potential customers in Detroit.