Honda And Acura Lease Return Center In Bloomfield Hills, MI


​​​​​​​Considering Returning Your Leased Honda?

If you're considering returning your leased Honda, we'll take care of you at Page Honda Bloomfield; even if you initially leased it from another dealership. Whether you're returning your vehicle ahead of schedule, have outstanding payments, or have exceeded Honda's mileage limits, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Lease End Options

  • Trade in Eearly: Honda vehicles are known for their excellent value retention. If you've taken good care of your Honda, you may find yourself in an equity position relative to the residual owed to the lessor. In such cases, we can purchase your Honda for the residual value and apply the equity towards the purchase or lease of a new Honda model.

  • Return your leased Honda to Page Honda Bloomfield: Your lease concludes at the end of its term, regardless of where it was initially leased. You are responsible for any excess wear and use, outstanding payments, excess mileage, and any other obligations outlined in your current agreement. When returning your leased Honda, please have the following items ready:

    • All keys to the vehicle
    • Maintenance records
    • The owner’s manual
    • Vehicle inspection report
    • Receipts for completed repairs (if applicable)
    • Vehicle return receipt and odometer disclosure statement
  • Buy your leased Honda: You also have the option to purchase your Honda at the end of your lease term. This allows you to continue enjoying Honda's remarkable reliability and impressive resale value.