Are There Different Four-Wheel Drive Options?

Four-wheel drive (FWD) is more than an added feature employed to sell a car or truck. Depending on your driving routes and where you live, four-wheel drive is essential for performance and increased safety. Four-wheel drive provides a little more power than the rear-wheel or front-wheel drive alone. Not all FWD modes are the same though.

High and low FWD represent the two different modes. 4-High might be appropriate for normal road conditions and ones with common hazards. 4-Low intends to help drivers when road conditions prove especially harsh. Choosing the right four-wheel drive option at the right time could make things easier when traveling.

Consumers would benefit from reading up on the performance tests of vehicles that offer 4H and 4L. This way, the driver knows what to expect when hitting the road in a particular mode.

The best way to see how a car rides on or off-road in the Bloomfield Hills, MI is to take it out on a test drive. At Page Honda Bloomfield, we have many 4WD vehicles for you to explore.

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