The 2019 Honda CR-V is the Perfect Vehicle for Your Big Adventures

When you’re looking for an SUV that is capable off-road and comfortable on your daily drive, the 2019 Honda CR-V should be standing front and center. With a technologically advanced interior and all-wheel drive system, the CR-V was truly built to help you do more, and you can find it now at Page Honda in Bloomfield Hills.

Advanced all-wheel drive senses road conditions and your inputs to help you stay in control without permanently activating all-wheel drive. By only using AWD when you need it, you’ll save fuel while you’re cruising and have the extra control when you need it most.

You’ll also enjoy staying connected with the seven-inch infotainment display, which features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help you connect your mobile devices with ease.

If you’re tired of fumbling for your key fob or finding the hatch handle while you’re loaded down with armloads of cargo, the 2019 Honda CR-V is here to help. With the hands-free power access liftgate all you’ll have to do is be near your CR-V with your key in your pocket and wave your foot beneath the back bumper. This prompts the liftgate to open automatically, giving you the access you need without the risk of dropping your cargo. And when you’re all done, simply wave your foot beneath the bumper once more to automatically close the hatch and get on your way.

Available with dual-zone automatic climate control, the 2019 Honda CR-V will help keep Southfield and Troy, MI drivers and passengers alike more comfortable. Set a single temperature for the whole cabin or set a separate temperature for each front-row occupant. Either way, your CR-V will do the work to keep you comfortable so you won’t spend all day trying to get the temperature just right for everyone.

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