A Quick Lesson About Jumpstarting Your Car

There is nothing worse than hopping in your car when you are getting ready to drive to work and your car will not start after you turn your ignition a few times. If you have a friendly neighbor with jumper cables, you can quickly get back on the road by jumpstarting your car's battery. Here is a quick DIY about jumpstarting your car.

When you use jumper cables, you will need to attach the red clamp on the cables to the positive post of your car's battery. Next, you will attach the black clamp on the cables to the negative post of your battery. After completing those two steps, do the same on the car that is giving you the jumpstart. Once you attach all the cables, you should be able to start your car.

Want to learn more about properly jumpstarting your car? Come see one of our automotive specialists at Page Honda Bloomfield today.

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