Get Ready for Back to School by Following These Tips

With school set to begin, it is a good idea to make sure your car is inspected and repaired ahead of time if needed. If you constantly see warning lights appearing on your dashboard, then you should bring your vehicle in to a service shop to have it inspected. This can save you a major headache later on.

Emergencies can happen at any time. You should have a safety kit at hand or some emergency supplies at the very least. Basic first aid items, a flashlight, some water, snacks, washer fluid, gloves and any other essentials you may need should be in the car. Make sure you also know where they are so you can locate them in case of an emergency.

If you need an inspection or service repair before the school year begins, then head to Page Honda Bloomfield. Our service shop in Bloomfield Hills is the ideal place to go for any repairs, inspections or servicing your vehicle may require.



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