Once Salt Corrosion Starts, Protecting Your Vehicle Is Tough

Road and transportation departments in cities like Bloomfield Hills are switching to salt for melting ice. They are discovering that salt is very inexpensive, easy to store, and is simple to apply. Unfortunately, salt is a very destructive substance when it comes to maintaining your car.

Salt tends to corrode metal and other surfaces. Just talk to anyone who has lived and driven near a coastline for several years. People who live in places where acid rain and snow are common also understand how salt eats a vehicle’s systems. The best way to guard against salt corrosion is by washing your vehicle often. Be sure to do this when temperatures are above forty degrees. Also, regularly check your vehicle for signs of salt damage.

Drivers can’t always avoid driving on salted roads, but they can take steps to prevent corrosion. It is always advised to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic after a long and rough winter. Specialists, like those at Page Honda Bloomfield, can pinpoint where any salt damage is occurring. They can also repair the damage or point to newer vehicles that still have a high degree of rust-proof coating.

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