Staying Safe on Icy Roads

Winter driving can be intense, and it can get your heart beating fast. Page Honda Bloomfield is here to help you understand what you should do when your vehicle starts to slip on the ice. We want you to stay safe in your vehicle at all times.

Before you head out on the winter roads, you have to make sure that your tires are ready for all kinds of conditions. The better shape that your tires are in, the better that they will help you grip the road when it is slippery. You should have good tires in place at the start of winter.

If you start to slide around, it is important that you avoid slamming on the brake. You might feel you are faced with the sliding problem because your vehicle is moving too fast, but you must still avoid the temptation to brake as that can cause you to fully lose control of your vehicle. Slowly ease off of the accelerator.

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