When you brake, your brake pedals should always feel firm. If they feel spongy or soft, it could mean there is a problem that needs service by a skilled automotive technician at our service center at Page Honda Bloomfield. Here are some reasons that your brake pedals may need service.

The most common reason brake pedals feel soft is when air has penetrated the brake lines. In addition, damaged brake lines can also be a common cause of soft brakes. This is because brake lines are made of steel tubing that can erode, which causes rust and small holes. These holes can lead to leaking, and if you notice any leaking, it is imperative to have your brakes serviced immediately. Other causes of soft brakes are bad disc brake calipers, bad cylinders, or a damaged master cylinder.

Be sure to call our service center if you are in need of brake pedal repair or any other automotive repairs.



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