Could the Weather Be Draining Your Car's Battery?

Did you know that both extreme heat and extreme cold could be draining your car's battery life? When your car's battery is exposed to a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it loses about 20 percent of its cold cranking amps. If the temperature drops all the way down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit, it loses half of its capacity.

Hot weather is also bad for batteries, but for a different reason. Extreme heat evaporates some of the electrolyte solutions in the lead-acid battery. When the air temperature is 92 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery has lost half of its capacity.

Visit the mechanics in our service center at Page Honda Bloomfield for a battery inspection and checkup. We'll test the voltage, cold cranking amps, and connections. If you have any additional questions about your car battery, stop in anytime to ask.

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