Get Ready for the Winter Season

Getting prepared for the winter months takes some preparation, but it doesn't have to take much effort. All you need to do is have the right items in your vehicle. If you do that you will be much better prepared if something goes wrong. Among the items that you should have in your vehicle include sand, salt, and litter. Anyone will do.

Be sure to also get your vehicle properly tuned up to us here at Page Honda Bloomfield so you will be less likely to have a breakdown. If you go with sand, you'll have great traction with little mess. It is pretty cheap as well. Litter can be messy since it has clay in it and when clay mixes with water, it can get gooey. Salt is another great choice, but it will cause your vehicle to rust if it comes into contact with it, so wash it afterward.

For more winter tips before the snow starts to fall, stop in and learn from our team at 1819 S Telegraph Road!

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