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Thinking of Getting a Used Car? Then Choose a Certified Pre-Owned Honda Model!

Searching around Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, for an affordably priced vehicle? Then plan a day to visit us at Page Honda Bloomfield! Here at our used car dealership, local drivers can explore a high-quality lineup of certified pre-owned Honda models. Unlike the ordinary selection, prospective buyers will have more reassurance with a CPO option because of the advantages that come with it! So give yourself access to an exceptional ride and check out what is available in our inventory today!

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How Important is Washing Your Vehicle?

We can all agree that regular maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle. Did you know that washing your car on a regular basis should be part of that routine?

Dirt can actually hurt your car. Over a period of time, dirt buildup will act like sandpaper which will eventually weaken the paint. Tree sap and bird droppings not only look bad, they will corrode your paint over time. If you live near the coast or in an area that road salt can be a problem, it will accumulate and do considerable damage to the undercarriage.

Paint isn't…
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Knowing When to Replace Your Car Battery

Everyone knows that cars have batteries underneath the hoods and that they are the main part of the vehicle that makes it run. The battery is what starts up your engine and also works different parts of the vehicle. You can’t turn on your headlights or radio without the use of your battery. It is crucial to have a battery for your car that is in great running condition at all times.

If your car battery is in need of being replaced, you will more than likely notice a few things happening when you get into your vehicle. Trying…
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Getting a New Driver to Be Safe on the Road

New drivers may not have sufficient experience to be safe on the road. Developing good driving habits take time and effort to obtain but the tips below will help new drivers become safe drivers The following items can help new drivers to be safer on the road:
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But My Tires Are New! Why Should I Have Them Rotated?

We may think that our vehicle’s tires are new, but they still need periodic maintenance. It is important not to ignore your vehicle’s tires until there is a noticeable problem. If you check, you might find that the last time you rotated your tires was longer ago than you thought. An opportune thing to do in order to remember to rotate your tires is to have your tires rotated when you change your oil. That will take care of two things at once, and remove that possible hassle from your agenda...

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A Honda Lease Keeps You in the Driver's Seat of the Newest Vehicle

You may love your car for years, but at some point you're going to want to upgrade. Maybe it's the cutting edge tech that your friends have in their cars. Or maybe you simply miss that new car smell. Well, there is a way you can stay in a new vehicle, and it's a Honda lease.

There are plenty of benefits of leasing a new Honda vehicle. Like...

  • You don't pay the full amount of your vehicle! You only pay for the term of the lease, which is usually two to three years.
  • Monthly payments tend…
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Honda HR-V and Accord Honored by Kelley Blue Book

It was recently announced that two Honda vehicles had been deemed winners of Kelley Blue Book's "2017 5-Year Cost to Own" Awards1, which are handed out to the vehicles that are deemed to be the least expensive to own in their categories.

The 2017 Honda HR-V took first in the subcompact SUV/crossover category for a second straight year, as befits a vehicle noted for its affordability, reliability and resale value.

The 2017 Honda Accord won in the mid-size car category, as the editors praised the car's tradition of retain its value and its overall reliability.

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Get Your Family Into the 2017 Honda CR-V

Plenty of vehicles claim to be fit for your family. But are they really? One thing's for sure: the 2017 Honda CR-V is the real deal for Bloomfield Hills families. With its combination of space, cargo configuration and safety, get your family into the CR-V.

Utility and safety stand out in the CR-V. It has a 39.2 cubic foot storage area behind the rear seats. But fold them down, and that space gets a boost to 75.8 cubic feet. This is vital space for your family vacation luggage, or for your kids' equipment on the way to…

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